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Location - Emilio Auginaldo College of Medicine, Manila, Philippines

The capital of the Philippines and the center of the country’s industrial development, The City of Manila holds its principal title for 4 centuries. The city is protected from extreme weather conditions by the hills of the Sierra Madre and the mountains of the Bataan Peninsula. Known its famous for its skyscrapers, malls, expats, friendly locals, multi-cultural heritage, golf courses and exciting nightlife, The City of Manila is a true cultural gem with its roots dating back centuries. Manila is one of the world’s most populous cities, yet has natural landscapes and an unadulterated environment that keeps visitors in awe of its breathtaking beauty. From the breathtaking valleys, vibrant beaches and jagged mountain peaks to glorious churches and magnificent museums, the city is a full package deal. 

The tropical climate with plenty of rainfall, and oppressive humidity makes Manila even more exciting. The average temperature ranges around 29.5°C and January is considered to be the coldest month of the year.

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Study MBBS in the Philippines-  Emilio Auginaldo College of Medicine

The history of EMILIO AGUINALDO COLLEGE begins with a man who had a dream — Dr. Paulo C. Campos, President of the University Physicians’ Services, Inc. (UPSI), who was its founding President. Located in the heart of Manila, Emilio Aguinaldo College (EAC) is a private, non-sectarian, coeducational academic institution that offers rigorous professional degree programs open to local and foreign students. From its foundation in 1957 as a midwifery school, EAC has since evolved to offer a wide array of degree programs – from doctorate, master’s, and undergraduate, to certificate and diploma courses.


Why choose  Emilio Auginaldo College of Medicine for MBBS in the Philippines?

The Emilio Aguinaldo School of Medicine implements the Outcomes-Based Curriculum (2015-2016) in observance of the 10 learning outcomes namely: Demonstrate Clinical Competence; Communicate effectively; Lead and manage health care team; Engage in research activities; Collaborate with inter-professional teams; Utilize system-based approach to healthcare; Engage in continuing personal and professional development; Adhere to ethical, professional and legal standard; Demonstrate nationalism, internationalism, and dedication to service; Practice the principles of social accountability.  It is a 4-year curriculum leading to the degree of Doctor of Medicine, with the addition of a 1-year internship in any APMC accredited hospital.

The School of Medicine is a competent unit of Emilio Aguinaldo College. It is committed to the education and training of relevant, competent, and compassionate physicians who will be effective health care providers,

Medical Degree from EAC is approved by National Medical Council (NMC) or MCI approved, hence it is valid in India.

It is recognized by the WHO and USMLE.

The medium of teaching at the University for MBBS course is English hence it is ideal for international students. Indian students need not learn a new language for studying MBBS at Emilio Aguinaldo College of Medicine.

The USA / American pattern of Education followed by Emilio Aguinaldo helps the students crack examinations efficiently.

Emilio Aguinaldo College of Medicine provides a world-class MBBS degree at a low fee, low cost of living & high-quality Education. 

The School of Medicine is staffed by dedicated, respected, and competent academicians, as well as clinicians who are well-known in their fields of specialty.

EAC implements an outcome-based, synchronized curriculum, with early clinical integration and emphasis on interactive learning processes. It also boasts well-equipped classrooms, basic science, and skills laboratories, and a library.

Emilio Aguinaldo College of Medicine is listed in the IMED Directory. Students can do their USMLE – Part I & II in Manila while doing their MBBS degree. This will ensure an easy transition to the USA for students who want to settle in the USA.

Advantages of pursuing MBBS at  Emilio Auginaldo College of Medicine

Course duration for MBBS if you study in the Philippines is 6 years (including 1 year of internship).

 Emilio Aguinaldo College of Medicine is recognized by MCI, WHO, etc. and Practical training is offered at Government Hospitals in the Philippines. Graduates will be qualified to write a unified national examination and start practicing in any of the countries of their choice.

The fees are reasonable and no donation is required for admission. EAC provides High-quality medical education at affordable prices. 

MBBS in the Philippines prepares you for the USMLE (the United States Medical Licensing Examination). There is a significant number of doctors practicing in the USA  are graduated from the Philippines.  EAC provides expert training for these examinations. 

Emilio Aguinaldo College of Medicine is located in Manila – just 13 km from the international airport and 9 km from Indian Embassy in Manila. 

Facilities in  Emilio Auginaldo College of Medicine

Modern, air-conditioned classrooms

A well-stocked library 

Fully-equipped science, computer, and speech laboratories.

Olympic-sized swimming pool


Basketball court

Fitness center

Indoor running track 

State-of-the-art theater.

Simulation laboratories for Health Care programs and Hospitality and Restaurant Management programs

Security personnel are assigned to every building 

Electronic ID system is used to screen all individuals entering the school grounds and buildings. 

Community police outpost within the campus vicinity.

Indian Food is available

Why MBBS in the Philippines?

With its 90% literacy rate, the Philippines is a tropical paradise and a popular study destination for international students in Asia. The Philippines also attracts students from other continents who are looking for affordable academic education in an exotic place. As the largest English-speaking country in the South East Asia region, the Philippines is the best place to access high-quality medical education at affordable prices. All of the Medical Colleges and Medical Courses offered by these Colleges are recognized worldwide thus the students can gain Practical Knowledge with a huge number of lab exercises.

MBBS in the Philippines is cost-effective. The tuition fees are affordable and can be paid in multiple installments. 

The universities in the Philippines follow the US Education System thus students will have credit transfer options to continue studying medicine in America. The same American college system, the same benefits, and solid structure, but without the student debt and huge tuition fees.

The Philippines has Internationally recognized Medical colleges which are listed in World Health Organization (WHO) and supported by the foreign medical graduate council. The Universities and the Courses offered by the Philippine Medical Colleges are recognized worldwide.

Affordable living expenses

Compared to other Asian countries majority of Filipinos has a facility for the English language and so Indian students feel comfortable. There is no demand to learn the local language.

The Universities are known for their modern teaching techniques, superior quality medical education, and world-class amenities.

Documents required and procedures for applying for MBBS in  Emilio Auginaldo College of Medicine.

Official Transcript of Records (original or certified true copy) – Undergraduate, Graduate (if any), Diploma

Certificate of Graduation

NSO or Live Birth Certificate (original or certified true copy)

NMAT/ NEET result (official copy)

Certificates of Good Moral Character, or Recommendation Letters  (2) from one of the following:


College Secretary

Department Head

Previous professors

7. 2pcs. 2” x 2” photo (to be uploaded for online application or attached to the application form)

8. Duly accomplished application form (online or onsite)

Passport (original copy)

Student visa

Student permit

Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) as verified by the Registrar

Passing the English placement test given by the Aguinaldo International Language Institute

How to apply?


  1. Register yourselves with genuine details on MBBSuniversities.com

  8.   Indian students must leave for the                          Philippines with the required documents and a valid visa based on their date of  session commencement. 

  1. On successful registration, our team will get back to you. Well-experienced doctors from MBBSuniversitiers.com will help you shortlist the best medical colleges in the Philippines based on your budget and preferences. 

9.   On arrival in the Philippines, our representatives will be receiving the student at the airport and will help the student reach the arranged university accommodation.

  1. Once you select the university, you have to fill out the application form for admission to the respective university, which you will receive through your portal from our website. 

10. Our representatives will help with all admission procedures and the payment of the student’s first-year university fee.

  1. Our representatives will submit your application form along with the required documents to the respective university on your behalf.

11. Within a week, the registration will be complete, and you will become a first-year medical student in the Philippines pursuing your dream profession.

  1. Within 15 days, students receive the admission letter from the university, which is the first confirmation of their MBBS in the Philippines. 

12. You will be receiving coaching for PLAB/NEXT from the first year itself through the MBBSuniversities.com portal.

  1. The next step is the student visa application process. At this stage, the student will have to submit the original documents as well. The entire Philippines visa application process takes 10 to 15 days.

13. Throughout the MBBS course period in the Philippines, the whole team of MBBSuniversities.com will be in touch with the students and parents for all your genuine concerns, support, and help.

  1. MBBSuniversities will apply the candidate’s documents to the embassy of the Philippines for notarization. 



What is the eligibility to study for MBBS at  Emilio Auginaldo College of Medicine?

The age of the applicant should be 17+ years as of 31st of December of the year.

The applicant must qualify for NEET (National Eligibility Entrance Test).

An aggregate of 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Common FAQs about MBBS in the Philippines


Is NEET Mandatory to Study MBBS in the Philippines?


Is IELTS/TOEFL Mandatory to Study MBBS In the Philippines?


Do MBBS universities in the Philippines help prepare for PLAB/USMLE


Is IELTS mandatory for PLAB/USMLE?


Is internship mandatory for MBBS in the Philippines?

Yes. A 1-year internship is mandatory.

Can I do an internship in India after completing my MBBS in the Philippines?

Depends on the university 

Which is the best university in the Philippines to study MBBS for an Indian student?

It depends on the preferred subject and the budget of the student. 

What are the age criteria to study MBBS in the Philippines?

The student must be 17 years of age or above.

Is an MBBS degree from the Philippines accepted in India?

MBBS degree from the Philippines is recognized globally. Hence, it’s valid in India. 

Is veg food available in the Philippines?

Indian veg/non-veg food is available in the Philippines. 

How many MCI-approved medical colleges are in the Philippines?

There are 37 MCI-approved medical colleges in the Philippines.






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