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MBBSUniversities.com highly recommends Indian MBBS Students to opt for Belarus as studying in the country comes with many advantages.
The nation is the best choice, and top-rated among international as well as domestic students worldwide, because of the quality and standardized medical education, programs and courses.
The nation’s medical colleges and universities are immensely equipped with education facilities in order to meet academic challenges and standards to ensure every medical as well as MBBS students get what they deserve.
From medical excellence to friendly environment, good weather condition and standard of living, the country invites huge number of international students to it because of its robust medical courses and other technicalities.
When it comes to providing quality medical education system, it is a wonderful country at large.
The most important point of reference – MBBS Colleges and universities focus on principles to guiding MBBS Students, so they get most out of their graduate and undergraduate programs in the long run!
With that said – it is a best destination for Indian MBBS Students because these medical programs are designed in such a way that they meet domestic as well as international medical norms and principles.
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Below are the top Medical Universities in Belarus:
  • Belarusian State Medical University
  • Gomel State Medical University
  • Grodno State Medical University
  • Viciebsk State order of Peoples’ Friendship Medical University
  • Yanka Kupala State University
  • Vitebsk State University
  • Vitebsk State Technological University
Top reasons why you should consider studying MBBS Courses & Programs in Belarus:
  • When it comes to foreign students studying in top Universities and Colleges in Belarus, the nation has also become a fine place for Indian MBBS Students to study MBBS and other medical programs at large
  • One of the finest aspects of studying MBBS in Belarus is – one gets maximum advantages to getting permanent residence and settlement opportunity in Europe after completion of study program
  • The nation has all medical courses that are known internationally, and programs have given great weightage to the most
  • Indian MBBS Students do not have to starve hard to get jobs as the nation itself offers great medical job opportunities to students
  • One can opt Belarus as a preferred destination for MBBS Qualification because of the reason it has very less tuition fee in the world; hence, students can afford fee and pay it in installation as needed and term-wise
  • In concerns to the quality education as well as depth of their courses, nation’s medical education is known globally. Ultimately, it comes with golden nuggets to sense and experience a high level of competence in a brand range of medical fields for Indian Medical Students
  • One does not have to think much in terms to living and accommodation cost – The cost of education as well as general living is relatively cheap than any other western countries in the world, and that makes a great deal, indeed, for Indian Medical Students too
  • When it comes to the mode of instruction and communication, the nation has adopted English as a language for international students as needed, so Indian Students can study MBBS in Belarus keeping English as a base language in almost all courses
  • To enjoy a great experience through visiting professors and like-minded doctors from United States, Canada as well as United Kingdom, it is a highly preferred nation for Indian MBBS Students at large as they can easily communicate and sense how to tackle future challenges easily
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MCI Approved list of Belarus College:
Student Visa Application to Study in MBBS in Belarus as we are oldest in business. We are highly specialized in Visa File Preparation. Belarus Student Visa which is issued for 90 days to student holding Indian Nationality is obtained by VFS (Visa Forwarding Service).
Documents required for student visa application at Belarus embassy, New Delhi:
  • Invitation Letter
  • Original Passport (Validity of 2 years)
  • 10+2 level mark-sheet
  • Medical Certificate and HIV Certificate
  • Student or Parents Bank Statement (Min. 4 lakh balance)
  • Identical Photographs (Passport size/Matt Finish/Colored Photo with White Background)
  • Affidavit on Stamp Paper (Format available with MBBSUniversities.com)
  • Gap Certification – For students who had passed 12th grade in previous year
  • Travel insurance
  • Valid return ticket
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Students can get online test of all 19 subjects
  • Individual topic wise test
  • Subject wise test
  • Clinic subjects test
  • Non-clinic subject test
  • Full course FMGE Test
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We also provide video lectures to all the students who join our online FMGC Coaching. We provide best faculty lectures, so student can have better understanding of the subjects.
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