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Why MBBS In China?

MBBS University understands and makes a larger view of competition level for Indian MBBS Aspirant Students. Even after going through Entrance Exams such as AIPMT, NEET and MH-CET – Students often end up enroll into private medical colleges. On top of everything, many students decide to study abroad. What we have observed is – China, Russia as well as USA are the most preferred places, Indian Students go to take up MBBS Programs. In saying so – China offers finest options to the most. It comes with cost-friendly and budgetary solutions for Indian Students to take up MBBS programs in China. And, in concerns to degree holders – they hold greater and immersive value in Medical Industry. Since it triggers a very systematic approach to MBBS Programs, there are way more opportunities for Medical Students to Study in China. So, in order to acquire deepest knowledge possible and learn everything about preferred MBBS course level, it is always suggested to look for a way to China Medical Universities. China always revises its Medical University List; thus, making it possible for students to scan current trending universities, their ranks and success rates without any hassle.
To justify, why you should be looking your way out to China Medical Universities, inquire with us today to explore more opportunities.
Below are the top Medical Universities in China:
  • Tsinghua University
  • Peking University
  • Fudan University
  • University of Science and Technology of China
  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  • Nanjing University
  • Zhejiang University
  • Beijing Normal University
Top reasons why you should consider studying MBBS Courses & Programs in China:
  • The most positive reason – Tuition as well as Living Cost is considerably lower in China
  • You get into an immersive international studying environment
  • You get many quality hospitals for your internship
  • China offers colorful and fulfilling campus life
  • High public security, and excellent societal culture
  • Is a place to explore long-standing history and profound culture
Entrance Test to study MBBS Courses and Programs in China:
Every Medical Aspirant Student needs to pass SET as an Entrance Test to Study Medical in China. SET stands for Standardized Entrance Examination to filter good and deserving students. This exam has been developed by many academic committees from China’s leading MBBS Offering Universities.
Test Format to Clear SET:
  • SET Paper set consists 4 sections, from section 1 to section 4
  • These sections are based on fundamental knowledge subject
  • The subjects are Biology (50 questions, 100 marks), Chemistry (50 question, 100 marks), Physics (50 question, 100 marks) and Mathematics (25 question, 50 marks)
To know more about SET, and its syllabus, Inquire Now
Personal Counseling Seminar:
MBBSUniversities.com is sun by Indian Doctors those who registered in MCI. Doctors conduct seminars in various cities of India and give brief information about MBBS in abroad, Hostel/Accommodation during MBBS Abroad, Safety while studying MBBS Abroad, MCI Pattern of Studies, how to choose a country for MBBS abroad, what is pattern of Education in MBBS Abroad from Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Belarus, Germany and many other foreign countries.
Do not miss the golden opportunity to interact with Indian Registered Doctors, you have a chance to get extra/real info about MBBS abroad (Don’t miss it)
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Counseling on Phone:
There is a team of MBBS doctors with an experience of a decade, guiding students and answering all the queries of students. We try to understand your needs first before giving any suggestion. You are lucky. You have a chance to speak with doctors before coming to any conclusion about your MBBS in abroad decision. Grab opportunity now for future queries, we are just a one click away.
Here is the phone number: +91 94297 53385
MCI Approved list of China College:
Student Visa Application to Study in MBBS in China as we are oldest in business. We are highly specialized in Visa File Preparation. China Student Visa which is issued for 90 days to student holding Indian Nationality is obtained by VFS (Visa Forwarding Service).
Documents required for student visa application at China embassy, New Delhi:
  • Invitation Letter
  • Original Passport (Validity of 2 years)
  • 10+2 level mark-sheet
  • Medical Certificate and HIV Certificate
  • Student or Parents Bank Statement (Min. 4 lakh balance)
  • Identical Photographs (Passport size/Matt Finish/Colored Photo with White Background)
  • Affidavit on Stamp Paper (Format available with MBBSUniversities.com)
  • Gap Certification – For students who had passed 12th grade in previous year
  • Travel insurance
  • Valid return ticket
For more information on Visa Application and Process, you may call on our support team - 1800-123-5619 
Students can get online test of all 19 subjects
  • Individual topic wise test
  • Subject wise test
  • Clinic subjects test
  • Non-clinic subject test
  • Full course FMGE Test
Note – All tests are made by highly qualified doctors, completing these tests will benefit you in the FMGC Exam.
We also provide video lectures to all the students who join our online FMGC Coaching. We provide best faculty lectures, so student can have better understanding of the subjects.
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Services provided by MBBSUniversities.com
  • Doctors will guide students throughout the procedure
  • We are cheapest among all the consultancies
  • We give best package for any university abroad
  • Hotel and accommodation support is provided by us
  • Safest travel services – We provide escort and drop services for students to the universities
  • Forex card as well as travel insurance support
  • Airline ticket purchasing support