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We are a team of dedicated practicing doctors who are in the field of student consultancy for MBBS in Abroad from last one decade. Here, at MBBSUNIVERSITIES.COM we not only guide medical aspirants to choose the right university or country for MBBS in Abroad but our experienced doctors take’s note of student’s information (NEET score, 12 marksheet & basic demands during education) and suggest them best option to pursue MBBS in Abroad, we are very specific in our suggestions and our suggestions vary from student to student depending on the above given criteria.
As maximum students try to find the answers of the following questions before deciding the destination where they want to pursue their MBBS in Abroad.
There are restrictions for Consultants and agents to answer all your queries & questions as they only go to visit the universities for 5-10 days which does not gives them a full picture of education system and living conditions regarding MBBS in Abroad at University but here at MBBSUNIVERSITIES.COM only Indian practicing doctors guide students and answer all the queries of students as these Doctors have been to different countries for MBBS Abroad and lived for 5-6 years depending on the course duration and also passed FMGE/MCI Screening test in very first attempt.
Sr. No. Question Agents and consultant Doctors at MBBSUNIVERSITIES.com
1 Arranging admission letter It's an easy process
It's an easy process
2 Arranging Invitation letter from embassy Perfect Yes
Perfect Yes
3 Preparing file for Visa documentation Perfect Yes
Perfect Yes
4 Helps in Guidance for university selection
information is internet based and is not based on true experiences.
information is totally based on true living experiences of doctors who have already graduated and passed FMGE/MCI Screening test in very first attempt.
5 Counselling is done by
Counselling is done by People who are not related to medical field and thus are not able to answer all your questions and queries regarding MBBS in Abroad.
You only get limited information which you can also easily get from internet.
Counselling for MBBS in Abroad is done only by Indian Practicing doctors.
As, doctors are the best source of information regarding all the queries and Questions.
They have lived in foreign countries for years while pursuing there MBBS in Abroad and will always guide you in right direction and will share real experiences with students to help you in making the right decision.
6 FMGE/MCI Screening test guidance
Until you are not a medical professional it’s very hard to guide students about MCI Screening test after MBBS in Abroad
Our main focus and primary concern is to make sure that every student understands about MCI Screening test after MBBS in Abroad
Here experienced doctors guide student as well as parents about the changing pattern of exams and all latest updates before even sending the student for MBBS in Abroad
we give free coaching and test series access to all of our students
7 Consultancy charges
All educational agents and consultants charges a hefty amount of consultation charges
Here doctors are directly collaborated with the university and thus we guarantee The Cheapest Consultancy Charges for MBBS in Abroad & The Cheapest Package for MBBS in Abroad
8 Report of Students during education
No consultants or agents take responsibility of student’s education after the student is sent for MBBS in Abroad
If student faces any consequences they only reply that talk to the university management
Create such a bridge between student, parents & doctors so that all what the student is doing at the university
Parents will get a report of it handy in there phone
9 Monthly meeting with parents
Parents usually notice that once a student is sent for MBBS in Abroad, consultants and agents don’t talk much with parents and try to avoid them, also they don’t share the general performance and habits of student with the parents
As this age is very notorious and our doctors have passed through this time we very well understand the fact that taking care of student in initial years is very important. Our office has a separate person appointed who be in touch with parents all the time. Gives parents a peace of mind
(MBBS in China, MBBS in Russia, MBBS in Ukraine, MBBS in Belarus, MBBS in Kazakhstan, MBBS in Kyrgyzstan, MBBS in Nepal, MBBS in Bangladesh, MBBS in Philippines, MBBS in Armenia & MBBS in Georgia)
We at MBBSUNIVERSITIES.COM work for the welfare of students and thus we guarantee minimum consultancy fees and cheapest MBBS in Abroad Package.