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It is a sure fact that Indian Medical Students prefer to pursue MBBS and medical studies in Nepal. There are many reasons the nation has become a preferred destination for Indian Medical Students.
First of everything, the nation’s quality medical education comes with the most cost-effective and best options.
It is more like a home being in Nepal since the nation is just adjacent to India.
The cultural similarities and food makes Indian Medical Students to approach Nepal for Medical Studies unlike European as well as Western Countries.
Therefore, when it comes to syllabus and teaching methodology, it is always recommended to study MBBS in Nepal because of the fact – Quality education is just similar to Indian Medical Education Boards and Structures.
In saying so - it is always great for Indian Medical Students to opt for undergraduate as well as postgraduate degree in Nepal.
On top of everything, the nation offers fine climate, preferably same as Indian Environment.
Moreover, there is no need to learn any language, and sticking to English would get Medical Students best out of every medical courses and programs in Nepal.
All in all, to take advantage of best Medical Colleges and Universities, it is the best opportunity; one should opt to study MBBS in Nepal for sure.
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Below are the top Medical Universities in Nepal:
  • Institute of Medicine (IOM) TUTH
  • B.P.Koirala Institute of Health Sciences
  • Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences (KUSMS)
  • Patan Academy of Health Science (PAHS)
  • Nepalese Army Institute of Health Science
  • Kathmandu Medical College (KMC)
  • Manipal College of Medical Science
  • Nepal Medical College (NMC)
  • College of Medical Science Bhartpur
Top reasons why you should consider studying MBBS Courses & Programs in Nepal:
  • The impressive fact to study MBBS in Nepal is – Mostly a lot of highly qualified teachers from India teach in medical colleges in Nepal; thus, it is always great for Indian MBBS or Medical Students to experience highly qualified faculty from India
  • The nation offers low fee and installment system, making every student to fulfill dream goal of studying MBBS Abroad
  • The best part is – during the course of study and learning about the profession – Students can pay tuition fees in installments
  • On top of everything, Nepal does not require you to produce many documents as required by other western countries – So, ultimately, it is win-win for Medical Students to a great extend
  • The golden gem is – Medical Colleges in Nepal are approved by Medical Council of India. Therefore, one can complete the education in Nepal, and come back to practice in India immediately
  • Nepal has other governing body that is called Nepal Medical Council which takes care of functioning of medical colleges in Nepal, so Indian Medical Students can always rely on education patter and structure for their medical studies without any difficulties
  • Due to the close relationship with Indian Counterparts, there are great advantages that Medical Students would benefit through student exchange programs in the same manner
  • Since Medical Colleges in Nepal have been tie-up with Top Medical Colleges in India, it results into providing great quality medical education, making sure that future doctors are produced qualitatively
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MCI Approved list of Nepal College:
Student Visa Application to Study in MBBS in Nepal as we are oldest in business. We are highly specialized in Visa File Preparation. Nepal Student Visa which is issued for 90 days to student holding Indian Nationality is obtained by VFS (Visa Forwarding Service).
Documents required for student visa application at Nepal embassy, New Delhi:
  • Invitation Letter
  • Original Passport (Validity of 2 years)
  • 10+2 level mark-sheet
  • Medical Certificate and HIV Certificate
  • Student or Parents Bank Statement (Min. 4 lakh balance)
  • Identical Photographs (Passport size/Matt Finish/Colored Photo with White Background)
  • Affidavit on Stamp Paper (Format available with MBBSUniversities.com)
  • Gap Certification – For students who had passed 12th grade in previous year
  • Travel insurance
  • Valid return ticket
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  • Clinic subjects test
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  • Full course FMGE Test
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