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International Airport - Changchun Longjia International Airport
Facts about MBBS in China for INDIAN students
Number of seats for International Students 40
Located in the City Jilin
Travel Time from Delhi to Jilin 11 – 12 Hours
Average Climate -6°C to 26°C
Intake for MBBS in Beihua Medical University September
NEET Requirement Yes, With Qualifying Marks
Course Duration 6 Years
Medium of Teaching English
Fees for MBBS in Beihua Medical University 43000 RMB Per Year
Living Cost 1000 – 2000 RMB Per Month
Ranking World Ranking : 3264
China Ranking : 535
Recognition of University MCI and WHO approved

About Jilin City
Jilin Province is a mostly inland province in Northeast China. Changchun is the provincial capital, and Jilin City is the province's second largest city. Jilin Province has been important in Chinese history as an industrial region and as the homeland of the Jin (Manchu) ethnic group who controlled big empires twice in the past.
For tourists, the main attractions are mountains, skiing, winter scenery, and the cities for museums. Jilin is well-connected by bullet train to Beijing and the rest of the country. Jilin Province is situated in the central part of Northeast China. The capital city is Changchun. It borders Heilongjiang Province to the north, Liaoning Province to the south, Inner Mongolia to the west, and Russia to the east. North Korea and Jilin Province are separated by only the Yalu River.
The terrain of Jilin Province is complex. The province has chains of mountains, rivers and lakes, and wide plains. These places provide plenty of beautiful natural scenery. The far eastern side of the province is a coastal area.The population of Jilin Province in 2019 is about 28 million. It is a province where the people earn about 8,000 USD per year. Compared to the rest of China, this is about average. The Han nationality make up 90% of the population.
Jilin Province is also the homeland of some ethnic groups such as the Manchu, Mongol and Xibe. There are about a million Manchu and 150,000 Mongolians. Other ethnic groups include 150,000 Hui. The province borders North Korea, and there are 1.2 million Koreans. The Korean culture can be seen in Ji’an in Tonghua City.


Beihua University is public medical University which is located in Jilin China. The University is owned by the state government and offering medical education in China. It is counted among the top oldest medical Universities of China as it was established in the year of 1906.
In the present scenario, the University is offering several kinds of medical courses to the medical aspirants. If you are willing to study any of the desired medical course from the University then we urge you to go through this article. The article will help you to know more about the University and the medical programs offered by it. Beihua University is a very popular Chinese medical University which is having several kinds of courses in its offerings list. Here you can study the medical courses such as the MBBS, BDS, Nursing and many other types of the bachelor and the master’s medical courses. The University is the prominent University of China which attracts the wide numbers of the subscription for its several medical courses not only from China but from Worldwide.
The Beihua University offers the scholarship program to those students who come from the financially weaker section, who want to study with the University but are unable to fund their fee. The University offers the scholarship program to such students so that they can study their dream course and achieve their wild dreams. In the Beihua University, the students are open to apply for the several scholarship programs such as the Zilin scholarship, Chinese local government scholarship and the Confucius scholarship programs. We advise the students to visit the official website of the University to get more information about these scholarships programs of the University.